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    Formed at today the market prices works to develop the Web-sites fluctuate in a very wide range. The initial site development costs depend on the prestige of the developer company, the quantity and quality realized projects, personnel qualification, workload, etc..

    The cost of any works associated with the site is determined by the complexity and difficulty of the developed part. In order to save the customer can take some work on yourself. However our experience shows that it is cheaper to give the maximum work to professionals than to do the non-core work by yourself.

    What consist price of my site?

    Website development consists of several stages:

    • concept development;
    • preparation of technical specifications;
    • design development;
    • software development;
    • make-up and filling of the database site.

    Each stage is important to realize professional. Errors at any stage will bring to creating a unprofitable site.

    Development of a Web-site concept

    Most considered that the site starts with its design. It is not true. Design - only one stage of the site.

    The first step is defining the goals and tasks for the WEB-site. Goals can be varied: attracting new customers, information support existing customers, positioning the company as a market leader, promoting a specific product, etc.

    Then determined the composition of a future audience and its geography: who, from which and why will visit the site? The sites are designed for young audiences, will differ from site to the professional community. Then we discuss the design of the site, outlines the basic requirements for the site, its structure, ways of further work with him, define cost, make a schedule of works on the development site.

    Prepare a specification for a site development.

    In requirements specification we detail elaborate structure, navigation, functionality, requirements to design and even the format of the output data. Also, we define the list of program modules that must be developed.

    WEB-site design development

    Website design we develop according to customer's requirements, including logo and other elements of corporate identity.

    Originality of design depends on the expense. The more time a web designer to work on creative design, more interesting will be execution. At that the inexpensive and expensive design differ only original idea, but not the quality of its implementation.

    The cost of the design depends primarily on customer requirements to the original idea.

    Typically, the price of website design is about 20-40% of the entire project.

    WEB-site software development.

    The cost of connecting patterns, programming non-typical capabilities determine each time individually depending on the anticipated labour-intensiveness.

    Make-up and filling of the database site.

    Make-up and filling of the database site price directly associated with:

    • kind of source materials (available in electronic form, in paper version, collected by developer and others.)
    • filling of the website content (customer or developer produces).

    Usually in developing we fill of the website content to the extent necessary to test the site. If we are invited to enter all the information (and sometimes thousands and tens of thousands of products), the price is determined depending on the amount and type of given information. But usually for such bulks we are using the import mechanism.

    The result of this stage of WEB-site development is its working model (in fact, this is full-fledged site, but not yet approved by the customer). After testing and fixing required changes we post the approved WEB-site on the Internet, as well as register in the major search engines and directories.

    The WEB-site development stage is completed.

    What next?

    Further possible next block of work: site advertising, and after some time (after become clear positions in search engines) - campaign to promote the site.

    Our recommendation about planning the cost of the website:

    • consider the cost of hosting;
    • lay the budget funds for future work to promote the site through search engine optimization and advertising.

    In developing the site, we pay great attention to the testing project. We are confident about the quality of their work. So after putting into operation of the site we provide semi-annual guarantee on all our software. This means that if you will find any bugs in the software modules of the WEB-site, then we will fix them promptly and free, provided that this will happen within 6 months after completion of the development site.

  • About Us

    The VIKKI Soft Web-studio provides a full range of WEB services: from design, web design, corporate identity, logo till site optimization, website promotion in the top, upgrade, site support, redesign and web development of separate functional modules, copywriting and online advertising.


    "The final design was excellent and it was delivered on time and within budget. I was given plenty of options to choose from which were all great. Any small amends that I wanted were made without question. I got exactly what I was after. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend VIKKI Soft and will definitely use this team in future."
    George Zuber,

    "Really like the way you make the buttons not take up a lot of space and still making them easy to see."
    Palle Nielsen

    "Excellent work. Modern Design. Good communication. Looking forward to working with VIKKI Soft on future projects."
    Mykola Basarab,

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