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    Creation of online shop is a lot easier than creation of its analogue in the real world. You don't need to mess with the builders, you don't need anything approve and sign, you don't need to lease space for the shopping center and large warehouses. When you create an online shop with middleman profile you can generate orders from the client and simply take the goods from the seller.

    One of the most important competitive advantages of the online store is that it doesn't have any restrictions and geographic scope of purchasing audience. And to open your own online site, then it is not necessary to have management experience of conventional stores, but it does not mean that you can do without the skills of business altogether.

    Typically, the buyer in the conventional store learns about the product, studying the showcases and in consultation with the manager of the trade hall. In the online shop the showcases role perform the regular site. Since a visitor in the virtual shop cannot touch itself a product, then the product information shown on the website should be as full and attractive. Therefore creating the right site is the main key in creating your own online shop.

    Among other important issues in the on-line commerce is the organization of the management of online shop, accounting, if necessary, composition, delivery services and call-center. If online shop for you is additional sales channel that you choose to add to the traditional ways of distribution, then you will need the special manager for online shop only at the stage of formation (the first three to four months). After completion of the formation stage, he can pass the operational control of the online shop to managers responsible for purchasing and selling, and start organization the next online shop. This, incidentally, is a good way to maximize profits: you create 3 - 4 online shop and put in them the same product at different prices. And every site will have its own audience...

    At the design stage of the online shop we should also to think about who will be responsible for preparing the content (product information), coordination of services, availability of stock on the warehouse and timely procurement of products and for working with staff. Most of the time at this stage will take filling of a directory of products and its updates.

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    The VIKKI Soft Web-studio provides a full range of WEB services: from design, web design, corporate identity, logo till site optimization, website promotion in the top, upgrade, site support, redesign and web development of separate functional modules, copywriting and online advertising.


    "The final design was excellent and it was delivered on time and within budget. I was given plenty of options to choose from which were all great. Any small amends that I wanted were made without question. I got exactly what I was after. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend VIKKI Soft and will definitely use this team in future."
    George Zuber,

    "Really like the way you make the buttons not take up a lot of space and still making them easy to see."
    Palle Nielsen

    "Excellent work. Modern Design. Good communication. Looking forward to working with VIKKI Soft on future projects."
    Mykola Basarab,

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