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    Corporate Identity

    Corporate identity is a combination of colors, fonts and placement of objects that create an individual face of the company. A professionally designed corporate identity contributes to creating a favorable image and reinforces the recognition of the company.

    The corporate identity raises the confidence of the partners and contributes to the overall image and reputation in the market.

    Every company wants to develop his style, which will identify it in the market. It should be noted that during the development of corporate identity must take into account all peculiarities of the company, with the goals and tasks that confront it.

    Developing of a recognizable corporate identity is not an easy task. This is a long time and painstaking process.

    Suppose you register a company with some name. The name of the company has a certain style already. Then you order printing firm that represents font-graphic composition and possesses the corporate identity ... and so on, at every step in creating your company you encounter a dilemma: to think about including the corporate identity in that you create or postpone this headache to future?

    In fact, even if you do not pay attention to creating a corporate identity of your company, then corporate identity exists in any case, but haphazard, chaotic. The longer this continues, the harder it will correct.

    Corporate identity is established for several years ahead - its frequent change is a sign of instability and unreliability of the company.

    That's why you need to order the corporate identity from the very beginning of his professional development.

    In most cases, the corporate identity is set of the following elements:

    • Logo;
    • The system of color identification;
    • Font set;
    • Layout of Business Card;
    • Layout of letterhead;
    • Layout of postal envelope;
    • Layout of badge;
    • Layout of flag.

    We are ready to design corporate identity in a high quality and in a professional manner according to customer requirements and based on current trends in design.


    Logo or trademark is something that identify your products and services to market. The main goal of logo is visually convey information about a product, service, manufacturer. This is one of the powerful means of mass visual communication, which in no way be underestimated.

    As a rule we design 3 or 4 versions of the logo in fundamentally different stylistic directions. Once you select a direction, we draw a few sketches for as long as you do not say: "Here it's exactly what I needed!"

    WEB-site development

    An integral part of corporate identity becomes its corporate website. Development of WEB sites of any complexity level, equipped with control system - is one of the directions of our activities.

    Write to us and we will prepare the offer on the development of corporate identity and / or WEB-site for your company.

  • About Us

    The VIKKI Soft Web-studio provides a full range of WEB services: from design, web design, corporate identity, logo till site optimization, website promotion in the top, upgrade, site support, redesign and web development of separate functional modules, copywriting and online advertising.


    "The final design was excellent and it was delivered on time and within budget. I was given plenty of options to choose from which were all great. Any small amends that I wanted were made without question. I got exactly what I was after. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend VIKKI Soft and will definitely use this team in future."
    George Zuber,

    "Really like the way you make the buttons not take up a lot of space and still making them easy to see."
    Palle Nielsen

    "Excellent work. Modern Design. Good communication. Looking forward to working with VIKKI Soft on future projects."
    Mykola Basarab,

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